When we are designing gardens we are almost always asked to include seating areas for dining, relaxing and entertaining. Whilst these spaces are really important for the garden to be enjoyed for meal times, a morning cuppa, and evenings with friends and family, we also love to find a quiet spot, a less obvious place within the garden to go to and relax. Perhaps to use at a different time of day. If it is hidden away from sight that’s even better! 

It could simply be a bench in a secluded spot, a different part of the garden, a seat with a view of the pond, or a hammock or swing to daydream in whilst taking in the sights and sounds of the garden. These extra spaces in the garden are so important for a little sense of escapism, and we try to include them whenever possible and whatever the size of the space we are designing. 

In this small family garden we created a simple gravel area for a sofa bench and coffee table, surrounded by plants. This spot feels both secluded and cosy. 

A secluded spot for a morning coffee

It might seem as though it would be easier to include extra seating spots in a larger garden, but finding the right ones can be tricker and making them feel both private and welcoming in a big space can be more of a challenge in some ways. In this garden which is currently being planted up, we have included a couple of extra spots for benches to be used at different times of day to the main seating areas – one perfect spot for a morning cuppa in the sun and one shady spot to relax in at any time of day. 

There are multiple places to stop and sit in this garden, inviting you to take a moment to pause and relax

A hanging egg chair in a small space can also provide an additional seating spot which has a very different feel to the main seating area – and is very handy for seating extra people! 

The perfect spot to curl up a read a book!

We are also including hammocks in an increasing number of gardens – somewhere to really chill out and relax amongst nature! Here is one in a garden we designed and planted last year – as the new tree and planting fill out around the hammock area it will become a really secluded and special place to go and relax in. 

As the new plants grow, this will become a really enclosed space to lay back and relax in

The pergola in this larger family garden creates a divide between different areas but also offers a secluded and shady spot to relax in whilst looking over the long grass and wildflowers towards the pond. It’s a gorgeous spot for one or two people to just sit and soak up the delights of nature around them. 

The perfect shady spot to watch the wildlife in the long grass from

Lastly, in this multi-level garden which is due to be built later this year we have included the main seating area directly outside the house for ease, and in the top section we have also designed a seating area under a pergola for shade, privacy as well as to provide a spot which in which to feel ensconced by plants – one of the best feelings there is! 

A seating area enclosed by planting

We hope that this article helps to inspire you to create some additional and interesting seating spots in your garden. We specialise in creating stylish, practical and wildlife conscious outdoor spaces, which work for people and planet. This means helping people to become immersed in their garden and connect with nature, to love spending time out there appreciating the wildlife that will visit their garden and gaining huge benefit from time spent outdoors. 

If you would like some help in transforming your outdoor space to create something really special, with extra touches such as secluded seating spots to relax and observe from, please do get in touch. We would love to hear from you.